Combine the incredible power of Facebook and online direct selling…to make massive profits!

Brand New Technology Turns Any Video Or Any Recording Into A Just-In-Time Webinar That Has Proven To Increase Show-Up Rate to 70-80% And Bring In Money On Complete Autopilot

Perfect For Today’s ‘Netflix-Loving’ Times That Gives Audience Full-Control Over Content Consumption

  • Host Facebook live webinars on your fan page for YOUR webinar list to triple profits
  • Built-In LIVE Chat allows you to do a regular webinar Q-n-A Session without being there at all
  • Facebook Comment Integration allows you to show users existing users’ comments on the landing page and leverage the power of word-of-mouth 
  • List Segmentation for better targeting and lead generation
  • Invite Unlimited attendees without ANY caps on the number people who can register
  • 100% Cloud-based. Nothing to download or install. Completely Newbie friendly and fully Mobile-Responsive allowing you to use it on the fly
  • Limited time offer – a super low one-time price

Get Highest Show-Up Rates In ANY Niche And Triple Your Profits By Running ‘Just-In-Time’ Webinars

Hey Fellow Marketer,

I am Mario…and today along with another seasoned marketer and my friend Alvin…I am here to help you profit more by working smart.

You see…hosting a webinar is no child’s-play.

To host a successful webinar here’s what you have to do…

Prepare great content and your offer

Promote your upcoming offer all over the social media

Send thousands of Registration and Reminder Emails

Do a test run with your team to see if everything’s running smoothly

And hope to god that nothing stops your attendees from joining in on time…

And if all that running around wasn’t enough pressure on you already…

…you need to be in high-spirits and at your best (easier said than done…) when the webinar starts.

Then during the webinar you need to focus on the content…all the while trying to block negative thoughts like a low show-up rate and high rate of attendees leaving the webinar in the middle.

And by the time you reach the point where you pitch your offer…there’s ONLY a handful of attendees left. You blame yourself for not having the right offer.

But that’s a mistake. Truth is that your attendees did not leave your webinar…

…they HAD to leave.

We are living in busy-times. And when your audience is from all around the world…it’s NOT easy to engage them ALL TOGETHER at a particular time on a particular date.

That’s where JUST-IN-TIME Webinars come-in.

These are pre-recorded Webinars or Videos that look like LIVE Webinars and that are just about to start in the next 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour.

JUST-IN-TIME Webinars are the greatest thing that happened to direct online selling since sliced bread (okay…that didn’t happen to online selling…but you get the point 😊)

Here’s what JUST-IN-TIME Webinars can mean to your business…

Increased show-up rate to up to 70-80% because your attendee just happens to be right there to consume your content and act on your offer

Increased attendee retention rate to as high as 90% simply because your audience is attending the webinar at a time that’s convenient to them in their time-zone

Increased conversion rate because your audience is in the ‘Consuming content and buying’ frame of mind since they started with the webinar

You are at your best because there’s no pressure of a LIVE webinar on you



Run ‘Just-In-Time’ Webinars For Highest Show-Up Rates And Massive Profits

Top Marketers Across The Market Have Achieved Incredible Results With AutoWebinarX

There Are Just 4 Simple Steps Between You And Your Next BIG Webinar That Will Bring You Insane Amounts Of Profits

Step 1:

Login to the dashboard and start creating a new webinar. Just fill in the title, the name of the host and the description

Step 2:

Next you need to choose the list. From a dropdown menu choose which list is this webinar best suited for

Step 3:

Choose the time, date, duration of your webinar. You can decide to run it as an Evergreen webinar or specify the time intervals if you want to run it as a Just-In-Time Webinar

Step 4:

Finish it off by including panellists from your team and excluding any particular subscriber lists you may like

That’s it! It really is that simple.

So, What’s Making AutoWebinarX The Most Preferred Webinar Hosting Platform For Marketers…

Full Time Webinar Platform With Zero Recurring Fees

Cloud Based Mobile Responsive

Unlimited Attendees Free Live Streaming Videos

Automated Evergreen Webinars

Full Email Notification System

For Email Marketers

Live Built-in Chat System

SEO Optimized

Autoresponder Intergration

In-webinar live stats

Incredibly Newbie Friendly

Live Built In Voting System

Readymade Replay Pages

Simple Dashboard

We have combined stunning design and simplicity to create this highly sophisticated platform.

Thee moment you login, you can clearly identify the different options…right from creating a new webinar to reviewing and editing your previous ones.

Turn ANY Video Into A Webinar

If you are camera shy…no worries. Simply use a pre-recorded video and make it look like a LIVE webinar.

When your audience watch the video that you have uploaded, they will not have access to any controls like fast-forwarding or pausing the video.

Run The Same Webinar Multiple Times

With the Just-In-Time technology, you can run the same webinar over and over again. Every time your visitor comes to your webinar page – the webinar is about to start in 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

This helps you increase show-up rate to up to 70-80% and allows you to pitch your offer to the visitors when they are most likely to take action.

Facebook Live Webinars

Now combine the immense power of Facebook and direct online selling by running webinars with AutoWebinarX on your Facebook fan page for your list.

Your visitors don’t have to even leave Facebook to attend your webinar. This results in an increased show-up as well as attendee retention rate.

Built-In LIVE Chat

Do a regular webinar Q-n-A Session without being there at all. Just like during any LIVE webinar, you can engage with your audience without hosting the webinar in real time.

In fact, because you won’t be actually hosting the webinar at that time, it would be far easier for you to focus on any queries your customers may have.

Facebook Comments Integration

Let your existing customers do the heavy lifting for you.

Facebook Comment Integration allows you to show users existing users’ comments on the landing page and leverage the power of word-of-mouth.

This starts a herd-effect that helps you to multiply your profits at will.

List Segmentation

Now create separate lists of all your leads. Divide them into categories and laser target them as per your offers. 

This gives you full-control of who gets the invite to be on the webinar. You can even import your list in a csv format and segment it in AutoWebinarX as per your requirement.

Take A Moment And Watch How Easy It Is To Run Just-In-Time Webinars Using AutoWebinarX

AutoWebinarX Is Perfect For You If You Are:

An Internet Marketer

Now tap into webinars and the huge income potential they have to offer…and all of it without having to be held hostage by expensive webinar services or bug laden crappy apps.

A Social Media Marketer

Use the best medium to sell online to convert all the social media traffic that you are getting and make a killing using AutoWebinarX and running on-demand webinars.

A Product Creator

Use AutoWebinarX to give live walkthroughs and demo of your product addressing users concerns and queries live (without even you being in front of your computer) and make the most from every visitor that lands on your site.

A Blogger

Invite your readers to give them great free content and position yourself as an authority in your market and niche…all the while expanding your list by making them sign-up for your next BIG webinar.

An Affiliate Marketer

Now you can win Leaderboards for all the affiliate promotion you take up and get away with huge paydays with perfectly optimised webinars.

Here’s What Some Of The AutoWebinarX Customers

Have To Say About It…

"AutoWebinarX is the most cost-effective Webinar Platform I have ever used!"

Tony Inocentes

Carson, California, USA

Let's just see what it normally would take to broadcast just ONE webinar, by yourself:

Pay an exorbitant fee like $500 up front for an expensive webinar service

Be on the guard as your screen may freeze anytime during the call

No guarantee that you won’t make mistakes during the call

No guarantee that you would close the deal well as most of the attendees would have left for maybe personal reason

But this doesn’t have to be your story…

Act NOW During This Exclusive Limited Time Event And Get Instant Access To AutoWebinarX At The Lowest Possible One-Time Fee.

Don't Procrastinate - Take Action NOW! Get your copy of AutoWebinar X!

AutoWebinar X

Our Promise

If for any reason you don’t like AutoWebinarX and are happy paying exorbitant fee to webinar hosting platforms for every single webinar you run, you can simply get a full-refund on your purchase within 30 days.

If you keep doing what you have been doing…you’ll keep getting the same results:

Low Show-Up Rates

High Attendee Drop-Out Rates

Mediocre Conversions

Ever decreasing brand value

Let’s face it…it takes a lot of guts to talk to people who think of you as someone who is an expert and someone who can’t fail ever…

…this high expectation puts even more pressure on you causing you to fumble during a live call.

The fast attendee drop-out rate adds to this pressure.

In worst case scenarios (which are not so uncommon) during a live call, you might actually end up saying something you shouldn’t have said…or miss saying something you must have said.

That’s the peril with LIVE webinars.

What’s done is done.

All your efforts, time and money come down to that 1-2 hours during which you are talking to your audience.

There are hundreds of things that can and do go wrong or just not the way you planned them to go.

It’s not your fault. You’re trying to control too many factors…most of them unfortunately, out of your scope.

But today you can change all that and get a grip over your future success.

Today you can do yourself and your business some justice. You can cut yourself some slack.

You can give yourself a tool that gives you a fighting chance to succeed in this cut-throat competition.

And with the 30 Money back guarantee, I am here forcing you to do what needs to be done. I am taking away all the risk that may give you an excuse to not take action and move towards building a future that you and your family deserve.

To your success,

Mario Brown along with Alvin Yang

Mario Brown

Alvin Yang


Q1: Do I need to download or install anything for this to work?

No. AutoWebinarX is a completely cloud-based. So whether you’re on a Windows, Mac OS or even mobile, you can access and use it from anywhere you want, anytime.

Q2: Is there ANY cap on the number of attendees?

No. Unlike other apps and other webinar platforms, we don’t put any any cap or limit on the total number of registrants, everything is truly unlimited. 100 or 10,000 attendees, everything is up to you.

Q3: Can I get this later?

A3. Unfortunately…not at this special one-time price. AutoWebinarX will be sold at a minimum of $197 per month after this launch. The exact price is yet to be decided.